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What to expect from a Property Management Company for Vacation Rentals from Tim Casey at StoreyBook

We are excited to announce that Tim Casey from StoreyBook will be a featured host on the podcast Level Up: Master Airbnb Hosting & Vacation Rentals with Vacation Home Help

Listen here:

Property Management for Vacation Rentals 101

Property management for vacation rentals is extremely different from managing residential homes. Why?

Property managers for vacation rentals are focused on delivering a quality guest experience while balancing the stewardship for their property owners and stakeholders.

StoreyBook excels at driving higher nightly rates for their investors, hosts, and property owners. Most managers run under the model of 'listing agent' charging 10-15% commissions, but do not provide a full-service solution.

Evolve Vacation Rental, RedAwning, and Vacasa are great at driving bookings, but their nightly rates are often too low and their property owners experience more wear and tear than they would experience with a dedicated local partner like StoreyBook Vacation Homes.

Too much focus on occupancy rates results in loss of average revenue per night.

On this podcast, Tim Casey and vacation rental expert John Candelario from Vacation Home Help discuss how an industry focus on 'occupancy' targets actually is not the best option for owners looking to balance rental income goals while still enjoying a well-maintained vacation rental property.

What to expect from a Property Management Company for Vacation Rentals

Same day bookings without gap days result in more wear and tear, higher repair bills, and less guest satisfaction

Tim Casey and John Candelario also discuss how instituting a gap day between guests results in a much cleaner vacation rental experience.

There are better options than Airbnb and VRBO for Storey Lake Vacation Rental Owners

Investors and hosts should carefully consider their options - one way of seeing if a property manager provides value is asking if they have a way to generate direct bookings outside of the large OTAs and platforms. If they do not have a working 'book-direct' strategy you should question if they are delivering value for their commission. Any manager can claim they list you on all of the sites, but you should ask for real data showing where the bookings are generated from - do not take their word for it. Trust, but verify.

Property Management Companies around Storey Lake Resort

Vacation rental property management companies around Storey Lake Resort are all wildly different in terms of level of service, fee structure, and experience. You should carefully weigh all of your options, learn what your expectations should be, and interview your property manager with the right questions to see if they are a perfect fit for your rental property.

Want to learn about a better property management option for your airbnb or vacation rental? StoreyBook manages property in Davenport, Kissimmee, and Orlando for vacation rental owners who seek to balance rental income goals with having a well-maintained and taken care of vacation home.

Click here to learn more and discover the difference. Schedule a call with Tim Casey for your professional evaluation.

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