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Storey Lake Resort Rentals by Owner

With so many vacation rentals at Storey Lake Resort, guests want to know if they can trust booking through a site like or

As an owner, I can attest to the ease of use of booking through a major website. There are downsides to this though.

Here is why you should find a vacation rental by owner near Disney instead of using a major booking website:

  • Fees are lower! You can save a ton of money instead of paying a hefty service fee to Airbnb - in some cases up to 10-20% - this can amount to hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

  • Superior service. Booking direct with your host or the homeowner allows you to build rapport, ask questions, and form a relationship before you come to Orlando. Can you imagine traveling thousands of miles away only to find out Airbnb support leaves you hanging high and dry? That is not acceptable. Book direct with a host and you will receive a far better level of service and maybe make a friend or two!

  • Leverage knowledge - a local host will know where the best food spots are, best times to travel to Disney, and how to make the most out of your time while on vacation. The large platforms will not do this for you.

  • Support small businesses - when you book direct, you are helping support small business.

Need an Airbnb at Storey Lake Resort with 8 or 9 bedrooms? Here is a fantastic alternative...

We have designed a pretty awesome 9 bedroom vacation rental with a Toy Story Land theme room. We imagined a place that our family can use year after year to make more memories. Our goal is to help other families make their own magical memories. With the world moving so fast, we wanted to give families an opportunity to be together - because time is so precious and we have to take advantage of each and every day. What better way to do this than to bring the whole family to the Happiest Place on Earth with the most unique vacation home at Storey Lake? Visit here to view our availability, rates, and make your booking. We even offer flexible payment options. We support military and first responders and want to give back by offering a discount to military and first responder families.

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