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Return of the Minnie-Van system at Disney World

June 20, 2022 Update: Disney announced in a transportation update that Minnie Vans will officially return to service on June 29, 2022, and guests can enjoy being driven around Walt Disney World property by expert, specially trained cast members.

Source: See News Directly from Disney regarding the Minnie Van Service.

This van service was suspended temporarily with the park closures, but now things are back in full swing!

You can request the ride on the Lyft app.

Minnie-Vans at Disney are so awesome looking!

How much do the Disney Minnie Van rides cost?

Last time they were open, here were the pricing details:

  • Base rate of $15.00 per pickup

  • Per mile fee that was demand based around $2.75 to $3.00 per mile (maybe more)

  • Average Trip Length 6-8 miles

  • Average cost of trip $30-35, with some being over $40, about double the price of an average Lyft or Uber fare

  • Minnie Van airport service out of Orlando International Airport had a flat rate fee of $155, which may go up to $200 upon reopening

With the economy and inflation, the base rate may be around $20 with mileage around $3-4 when they return at the end of June.

Thank you Disney Tourist Blog for many of these key highlights.

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