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Disney's's worth the wait!!!

Head to the Magic Kingdom to experience one of the most exciting roller coasters in the park –Tron Lightcycle Power Run.

Upon entering the neon-lit building, you'll feel like you've stepped inside the world of Tron. With glowing walls and a pulsating soundtrack, the excitement builds as you approach the ride vehicles – electric-blue motorcycles. Each motorcycle comes equipped with a futuristic-looking backrest and handlebars that simulate the feel of a high-speed motorcycle ride.

As you speed through the digital world of Tron, the ride takes you on a journey through intense twists, turns, and drops, all while zipping past iconic Tron visuals like light bridges and even an animatronic version of Clu, the villain from Tron: Legacy.

This is absolutely an amazing experience...unfortunately, it's over too fast - - so you will want to ride again! Yes, it's that much fun!!!

Disney - it was worth the wait!

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