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Best Property Management Companies in Kissimmee, FL for Vacation Rentals

With so many property management companies to choose from in Kissimmee, Florida, it is challenging to make the right choice. They all promise more bookings, higher occupancy, and better guests. However, many companies lack a competitive advantage to actually execute and perform at a high level.

What does a property manager do for a vacation rental?

A property manager that specializes in vacation rentals leverages their local knowledge and industry expertise to maximize rental income while protecting and maintaining the property. This sounds simple, but responsibilities of a vacation rental manager also include:

  • Listing the property on OTAs (Online Travel Agency) such as Airbnb, VRBO, FlipKey, and

  • Coordinating housekeeping and maintenance between guests

  • Decorating and staging the property

  • Coordinating photography

  • Handling damage claims and collecting security deposits

  • Communicating with guests pre, post, and during their stay

  • Revenue management (setting nightly rates for maximum rental income)

  • Fostering guest loyalty

  • Marketing and sales

  • Accounting and bookkeeping

  • Restocking supplies and managing the linen / laundry

  • Coordinate repairs and improvements

  • Hire pool service, lawn care, and anything else the HOA does not cover

Top 5 Property Managers in Kissimmee, FL for Vacation Rentals

Did you know there are over 100 registered property management companies for vacation rentals in Kissimmee, FL? Here are the top 5 choices for property management in Kissimmee.

StoreyBook Vacation Homes

Founded by Tim Casey, StoreyBook Vacation Homes takes a unique approach to management by focusing on attracting guests looking for a luxury accommodation for their Disney vacation experience. StoreyBook's unique approach focuses on preserving the property through attracting guests that want a clean, safe, fun, and attractive vacation rental accommodation. What is the competitive edge?

StoreyBook's marketing platform is second to none in attracting luxury travelers and is backed by their promise to deliver a vacation home that is second to none in the resort communities they service. StoreyBook's focus on operational excellence is not just a buzzword, but a promise.


Founded in 2008, iTrip focuses on distribution. Although not a local company, they have a large number of properties in Kissimmee for guests to choose from.

Vacation Home Help

Vacation Home Help is an airbnb cleaning service that helps owners self-manage their rentals by providing the housekeeping, maintenance, and licensing support they need to run their own vacation rental.

Tropical Escape

Tropical Escape is a vacation rental company headquartered in Davenport, FL that focuses on manage Central FL vacation property. They also have no long-term contracts.

Epic Florida Rentals

Epic Florida Rentals acquired two long time established property management companies in 2021 in Rent Sunny Florida and Florida Gold Vacation Rentals and Property Management.

What is the average Property Management fee in Kissimmee, FL?

The average property management fee is a percentage of booking revenue. Currently, most property managers in Kissimmee charge approximately 20% of rental revenue. More effective managers can command up to 30% commission as they drive higher nightly rates. Some Kissimmee property managers only charge 10%, but their service is lackluster and results suboptimal.

Vacation Rental Managers in Kissimmee Vary Greatly in Results and Approach

Here are the best questions to ask a potential vacation rental manager:

  • Is your strategy occupancy based or focused on achieving the highest nightly rate possible? (Hint: it can't be both, supply and demand...a manager promising both should already be a red flag)

  • Can they provide concrete examples of their strategies in action?

  • How do they handle damage claims?

  • Who cleans the rentals? Do they have in-house cleaners who they pay a living wage? Or is it outsourced to another company? If so, are they trustworthy?

  • How is contract structured? What are cancellation terms?

  • How is maintenance billed?

These are examples to help get the dialogue started while you look for your eyes and ears on the ground. If you need advice, please feel free to contact us at StoreyBook Vacation Homes. We are here to help! If you would like a phone call to see what options are best for you, please fill out the form on our property management page.

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