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How much could your Storey Lake vacation rental make?

Reach your rental income potential. Get in touch with Storey Lake Resort's premier vacation rental managers today.

Tim will be in contact with you shortly.

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Data-driven nightly rates to earn you maximum rental income

Billions of data points go into determining the nightly price for each Storey Lake vacation rental we care for. Rates are customized to meet market demand. We factor in weather, local events, theme park demand and much more. 


Homeowners who switch to us from another property manager can earn 20% or more per year with our dynamic revenue management system.  

Storey Lake Property Management done right. We are not just vacation rental managers, we are owners too.

What makes us different? We own in Storey Lake Resort, therefore, we have a vested interest as neighbors to improve the community - a mission we take to heart. We provide the care and attention to detail that other property managers lack. We are solely focused at maximizing your rental income while preserving your investment so you and your family also have a vacation home to enjoy year after year. We care. 

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Storey Lake Property Management Done Right.

Discover why we are the fastest growing property managers at Storey Lake Resort.

24 / 7 Guest Support

Never take a guest’s late-night phone call again—our Customer Experience team has it covered.

Dedicated Storey Lake Pros

Our local pros constantly look out for your home, keeping it safe, stocked, and sparkling clean.

High Performance Marketing

We make your home shine with an eye-catching listing, and market it to millions using StoreyBook-exclusive tools.

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What you get with StoreyBook Vacation Homes

Your time is valuable. Here’s how we make your experience smooth from end to end. One fee, for all of the tools to help you reach your rental income potential. We will make a concentrated effort to gradually move to direct bookings and increase the owner ROI. Our approach is a diligent and white-glove touch to maintaining your property​.

Onboarding made easy.
  • Homeowner driven onboarding

  • Professional photography 

  • Custom, compelling copywriting

  • Optimized listing management

  • Fastest onboarding process for Storey Lake homeowners

  • Easy, simple setup

Attracting Guests
  • List on all the top bookings sites

  • Targeted marketing for Storey Lake

  • Streamlined guest management

  • Dedicated reservations agents

  • 24/7 guest services

  • Increase repeat business

  • Increase review / ratings

Managing the details...
  • Dynamic pricing technology

  • Best-in-class cleaning services

  • Stocking guest amenities

  • Payment processing

  • Guest screening and damage control

  • Help with taxes and permits

  • Inspections and regular maintenenance

  • Increase owner ROI

Added benefits and management services for optimal performance and max ROI...

Fixing a Door

Smart Security

We will secure your property with the latest technology.

White Bedroom Concept

Linen Program

Drive maximum return on investment with fresh and thoughtful interior design.

Digital Book

Online Account

Manage everything through your convenient online portal.

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Claims Assistance

An extra layer of protection for your Storey Lake vacation rental.

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Interior Design

Partner with world class designer Tammy LaVarro of  Dream Vacation Interiors

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Premium Rates

Drive maximum returns listing at higher rates than your Storey Lake neighbors.

Be everywhere guests are looking and booking

Besides generating direct bookings by featuring your property on our family network of websites, we optimize and sync your listing across the top booking sites

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions by vacation rental owners we work with...

How does StoreyBook Vacation Homes work?

The first step is to get in touch with our Homeowner Consultant team—they’ll walk through our services, see if your home’s a good fit, and go over your personalized management fee. If you choose to move forward, you’ll sign a management agreement. We’ll also request access to the property to confirm permits, clean, do an initial inspection, and compile your home’s online listings. We always aim to get your vacation rental up and running as quickly as possible.

Once your home is ready for guests, StoreyBook’s all-in-one vacation rental management handles everything you need to make a peak profit, like:

  • Managing your listings on all major booking platforms

  • Providing eye-catching photography, 360-degree tours, and vivid descriptions

  • Leveraging technology to automatically update your prices for maximum revenue

  • Offering 24/7 on-the-ground guest assistance

  • Performing professional housekeeping

There’s no detail we overlook, no guest touchpoint we haven’t considered. All this leads to happy guests, glowing reviews, and your flourishing success.

Our Unique Approach to Property Management at Storey Lake Resort.

You bought a beautiful vacation property in Storey Lake and you are proud of the home that you have purchased.
You want to create a special gathering space….one that you will use yourself and one that you will share with friends and family.

This Vacation Rental is also an investment, you want to create meaningful operating income while protecting the integrity and value of the asset. You want to do this the right way and are not willing to sacrifice the quality of your beautiful home. The property is both "a home" and an investment - so both profitability and enjoyment are equally as important to you. With our unique approach, you are uniquely positioned to enjoy optimal performance and the comforts of your own vacation home.

Defining the "Right Way" - Our Unique Approach to Vacation Rental Management at Storey Lake Resort


  1. We work with a best-in-class interior designer that believes in quality and has a demonstrated track record of creating homes/gathering spaces that are extraordinarily special and driver higher than average nightly rates

  2. We are a management company that will take great pride AND care about the quality and condition of your home….and we will charge the guest a rate that recognizes how special your home is 

  3. While guests are in your house, we are a management company that will care for your guests in a manner that you would be proud of…and that will create a loyal and repeat guest for the future

  4. We are a management company that only partners with others that believe in what you, the proud owner, believes in…… and maintains your home and protects the value of your asset

  • Vacation Home Help is an amazing cleaning company that takes great pride in the cleanliness of your home

  • John Candelario is our digital marketing expert and works tirelessly to ensure your home is rented in a thoughtful manner….and drives premium nightly rates

  • We work with a best-in-class company - Residential Installations - to perform professional and comprehensive pre and post inspections and to provide professional management of the overall condition of your vacation home

  • Interior design for max ROI - we work with with a best-in-class designer - Tammy LaVarro - at Dream Vacation Interiors


We are different because we care, we understand your objectives and we will live up to the promises we make...

Let's get started...

Reach your rental income potential. Get in touch with Storey Lake Resort's premier vacation rental managers today.

Tim will be in contact with you shortly.

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