9 Bedroom House in Orlando

Need a 9 bedroom house in Orlando? Come rent this unique Florida 9 bedroom vacation rental.

This 9 bed Storey Lake vacation rental is unique - we built a Toy Story Lane inspired theme room for the kids complete with an Etch and Sketch TV and game room. For our wizards and Harry Potter fans, we have a bunk bed room. 

Storey Lake Vacation Rentals - there are so many, but only one like ours! So stay in the best vacation home at Storey Lake Resort.

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Why are we the most sought after vacation rental in Orlando? 

We are passionate about our guests. When guests are looking for a vacation rental near Disney or a vacation rental near Universal Studios - they come to our place. We offer:

  • Toy Story Land theme room complete with a game room

  • Harry Potter inspired theme room

  • 9 rooms with lots of beds - we have 13 beds! 

  • Perfect family environment and sports teams LOVE to visit

  • Private pool and spa to unwind after a day at the parks

  • TVs everywhere - we even have a movie theater for a private screening - how many vacation rentals come with a movie theater?

  • You are by a lake where you can fish - yes there are Bass and Catfish in here - you can even Kayak

  • Resort style swimming pool with water slides and lazy river available to use 

  • Need a refreshing cold drink? The resort area has a Tiki bar...

  • Fully stocked kitchen for those families who love to cook...

Military Friendly Vacation Rental in Orlando, FL - we love our veterans and first responders...

Thank you for your service, now let us serve you! We offer a 10% discount for our military families and first responders with active military ID or proof of employment with law enforcement, fire department, and EMS. We appreciate our military families and aim to become the premier rental for military families in Orlando, Florida. Because every military and first responder family enjoys a magical Disney vacation.

Imagine the possibilities...picture yourself here with your family and friends in the sunshine...

Book Now. We offer flexible payment options too!